Pre-press Services include three basic operations: Still-Life Photography, Graphic and Color Reproduction, and Ink Production. The purpose of pre-press operations is to facilitate the packaging process of our customers by combining processes that require urgency and diligence, such as design, photopolymer plate making, special color production, image/photo shooting, as well as achieving high-quality and sustainable printing.

The knowledge of the competent and experienced team in the Pre-press Services units, combined with technology investments, allows for a perfect product and workflow.

Still-Life Photography Studio

It is almost impossible to create eye-catching designs without visuals with high resolution, sharpness, and accurate lighting. In the same way, insufficient source files make it very difficult to get a good printing result. For this reason, our facility is equipped with a Still-Life Photography Studio that we offer…


Graphic and Color Reproduction

We have a Graphic and Color Reproduction Unit for preparing designs for printing, identifying problems that may occur in printing before they occur, and ensuring color accuracy/consistency. Our color management systems and ink production systems work synchronously…


Ink Production

In addition to color accuracy, ink serves many different technical purposes in packaging. Properties such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and light resistance can be achieved with different types of ink contents. Intermat produces high performance packaging easily without compromising…