Flexible Packaging Solutions

for Sectors Where Human Health Is The Priority

Creative Flexible Packaging Solutions

High Quality Standards

A Clean Nature Begins with You

Intermat Flexible Packaging meets the flexible packaging needs of the food, hygiene, and medical industries, where human health is the priority. Intermat Flexible Packaging produces printed and laminated multi layer flexible packaging with international high quality standards.

Our Services

Creative flexible packaging solutions

Pre-press Services

Pre-press services support our customers by ensuring that flexible packaging production processes are carried out smoothly and packaging can be produced within the same tight tolerances for many years.

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Production Services

Printing, lamination, cold-seal, coating, film production and slitting services, which are the basic processes of flexible packaging production, are carried out using innovative technologies.

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Technical Services

We respond to the needs of our customers 24/7 regarding many issues such as reducing the unit cost of packaging, increasing the efficiency of packaging lines, and reducing waste generated.

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Our Products

Intermat Flexible Packaging has been able to meet largely varying needs of its customers thanks to the vast experience it has accumulated with thousands of different products produced over the years.

In addition to producing specific products for many different industries, Intermat’s products are basically grouped into three categories. If your product does not fit any of these main groups and subgroups, our sales team is ready to provide you with all the technical support for your product and your needs.

Food Packaging

Prioritizing food safety and eye-catching designs, our range of packaging developed with barrier properties specific to the type and shelf life of food products offers the ultimate performance in challenging supply chain and climate conditions. Every point of our supply chain works diligently to ensure that your products remain fresh from the time of production to the time they reach consumers.

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Hygiene and Medical Products Packaging

Cleaning, personal care, and medical products that have become even more important today which have specific packaging barrier requirements. High chemical resistance and the ability to be sterilized under different conditions are the primary requirements for such products. For this reason, our flexible packaging products developed to provide the highest level of protection and resistance are the first choice of many manufacturers.

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Industrial Products Packaging

We meet unique expectations and requirements of our customers related to packaging of industrial products, for which durability and strength are the primary requirements. We develop new quality parameters for such special requirements related to the flexible packaging of these products and monitor all processes digitally in real time to ensure consistency.

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Creative and clever flexible packaging solutions

We deliver our promises with high quality standarts

Safety, first priority

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Eye catching and functional flexible packaging solutions

Clean enviroment starts with you

Intermat Flexible Packaging is aware of how important the consumer health and environment are for its customers and ensures that all products of its customers are protected until they reach the consumer.

Our strategy is supported by our well-trained and experienced human resource and low-risk and strong financial structure.

Intermat Flexible Packaging can offer Flexo and Rotogravure printing depending on the packaging design needs of its customer, and has the ability to offer multi-layer, solvent, or solvent-free lamination. With its powerful and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment park, Intermat delivers its products to more than 100 countries around the world.

Additionally, Intermat Flexible Packaing produces polyethylene film in house, which is the most important element of vacuum packaging (coffee packaging, yeast packaging, etc.) and barrier packaging, in its own facility according to the needs and technical specifications of customers.

Intermat Flexible Packaging is located in Istanbul and designed its facility for flexible packaging production. The production facility established on an area of 35,000 m2, makes production in compliance with international standards such as BRC, ISO, HACCP, GMP, and Sedex.

This production capabilities allow Intermat to produce yeast packaging, confectionery packaging, snack packaging, powder product packaging, instant food packaging, pasta packaging, legume packaging, nuts packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging, biscuit packaging, pet food packaging, wet wipe packaging, ketchup and sauce, and special purpose industrial packaging films to the highest international standards.

Continuing to create new values through uninterrupted investments in technology, Intermat Flexible Packaging offers its customers comprehensive packaging solution including still-life photography, graphic design, photopolymer printing plate production, special ink production, Flexo and Rotogravure (Tiefdruck) printing, solvent based and solventless lamination, partial cold seal, easy opening applications, special lacquer applications, and slitting.

In addition to all these facilities, Intermat Flexible Packaging is a strong and reliable partner that guarantees consistent high quality, fast delivery and responsible after-sales services. Intermat Flexible Packaging aims to understand the specific needs of each customer and provide eye-catching, functional flexible food packaging solutions.

With our advanced technology and well-trained manpower, we are a member of internationally renowned companies.


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For A Cleaner Environment That Does Not Need Protection

Intermat Packaging, like its sister companies which are 100% environmentally friendly, takes all measures made possible by science and technology to ensure that the damage to the environment is minimal.

Our Solvent Recovery Facility, which prevents VOC release, our minimum waste management system internalized by company rules and regulations, and our activities within the framework of the zero waste project help us carry out our activities in a way that minimizes our environmental impact.

Kartonsan and MEL, our group companies, offer the cardboard they produce using completely recycled paper to the whole world.Dönkasan operates with a packaging waste collection-separation plant license, and has a special infrastructure for collection and separation of plastic, metal, glass, and composite packaging waste other than paper.

Dönkasan aims to provide society with an environment-oriented perspective and contributes to the circular economy through recycling.

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