Environmental Protection and Waste Management

Respect for the environment is an integral part of our business and our promise for the future.

Kartonsan and MEL, Pak Packaging Group companies, offer the cardboard they produce using completely recycled paper to the whole world. Another Group company which supports these plants, Dönkasan operates with a packaging waste collection-separation plant license, and has a special infrastructure for collection and separation of plastic, metal, glass, and composite packaging waste other than paper. Dönkasan aims to provide society with an environment-oriented perspective and contributes to the cyclical economy through recycling.

As a member of the packaging group, Intermat, like its sister companies which are 100% environmentally friendly, takes all measures made possible by science and technology to ensure that the damage to the environment is minimal..

Our Solvent Recovery Facility, which prevents VOC release, our minimum waste management system internalized by company rules and regulations, and our activities within the framework of the zero waste project help us carry out our activities in a way that minimizes our environmental impact.

Pak Group considers protecting the environment and human health as its priority in all production facilities and activities. In line with this understanding, the Group carries out its environmental activities with continuous improvement to protect the environment and resources. Pak Group, which aims to contribute to the protection of the environment at the highest level, has been awarded many environmental awards in the regions where it operates.

Pak Group has invested a total of USD 45 million in Pakmaya evaporation plants so far. Together with biological treatment, the total amount of environmental investments exceeds USD 85 million.

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