Intermat offers three main groups of services.

Pre-press services form the basis of packaging production. These include Still-Life Photography Studio for the preparation of images to be used in the design process, Graphic and Color Reproduction service where received designs are processed for printing, and production of ink integrated with the packaging production process.

Production Services cover all the processes in which packaging is produced. The main production processes include Flexographic or Rotogravure printing, solvent based or solvent-free lamination, cold seal or different lacquer coating applications, curing, slitting, and film production.

In addition to production of flexible packaging, the Technical Services unit which responds to the needs of our customers regarding flexible packaging production and packing processes is the third main service group.

Pre-press Services

Pre-press services support our customers by ensuring that flexible packaging production processes are carried out smoothly and packaging can be produced within the same tight tolerances for many years.


Production Services

Printing, lamination, cold-seal, coating, film production and slitting services, which are the basic processes of flexible packaging production, are carried out using innovative technologies.


Technical Services

We respond to the needs of our customers 24/7 regarding many issues such as reducing the unit cost of packaging, increasing the efficiency of packaging lines, and reducing waste generated.