Intermat Flexible Packaging has been able to meet largely varying needs of its customers thanks to the vast experience it has accumulated with thousands of different products produced over the years. In addition to producing specific flexible packaging products for many different industries, Intermat’s products are basically grouped into three categories. If your product does not fit any of these main groups and subgroups, our sales team is ready to provide you with all the technical support for your product and your needs.

Food Packaging

Prioritizing food safety and eye-catching design, our range of packaging developed with barrier properties specific to the type and shelf life of food products offers the ultimate performance in challenging supply chain and climate conditions. Every point of our supply chain works diligently to ensure that your products remain fresh from the time of production to the time they reach consumers.


Hygiene and Medical Products Packaging

Cleaning, personal care, and medical products that have become even more important today have specific packaging requirements. High chemical resistance and the ability to be sterilized under different conditions are the primary requirements for such products. For this reason, our flexible packaging products developed to provide the highest level of protection and resistance are the first choice of many manufacturers.


Industrial Products Packaging

We meet unique expectations and requirements of our customers related to packaging of industrial products, for which durability and strength are the primary requirements. We develop new quality parameters for such special requirements related to the flexible packaging of these products and monitor all processes digitally in real time to ensure consistency.