The snack food market is an ever-changing and dynamic industry with new product introductions and promotions. This is why it is important to meet the immediate needs of snack manufacturers at the lowest cost.

Intermat Flexible Packaging stands out in terms of both cost and speed by in-house production of flexographic printing plates, which have a lower production cost compared to rotogravure printing cylinders. In addition to the conventional photo-polymer plate production facility, Intermat Flexible Packaging also has a seamless flexo plate merging line. All these pre-press services are supported by our still-life photography studio and graphic design departments.

As important as fast delivery is the expectation of snack food manufacturers that their products are protected against moisture, oxygen, and sunlight at the maximum level. Intermat Flexible Packaging is aware that the right selection of raw materials has a significant impact on the barrier properties of packaging and uses high performance barrier products from reliable suppliers and continuously evaluates the entire process within the framework of a rigorous quality policy.

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